In some circumstances, especially when your new Bluum Log, Wheelie Bin, Recycling Bin or Bike & Scooter Store / Shelter is being placed up against a wall or fence, you may not need a fully clad back panel. 

In order to offer a lower-cost alternative, we now give the option to leave the back panel open with minimal cladding.  The back panel is reinforced to maintain its strength, and cladding is only added to each end (where the back panel meets the side panels). 

An example of a large Bin Store, made to house 5 wheelie bins, with an open back panel: 

Five wheelie bin store with open back panel and green roof planter

We can offer this for all of the following collections of Log Stores (with or without kindling shelf), Wheelie Bin & Recycling Bin Stores, Bike Shelters and Scooter Shelters: 

Products are sent with free delivery, in very easy-to-assemble panels.  All Bluum Stores Log, Wheelie Bin, Recycling Bin, Bike and Scooter storage products are hand made to order from our Bristol, UK workshop.