Bluum Stores hand-make each bespoke green roof bin, recycling & log storage unit to the customer's specification, to ensure that it meets the required size and style, and fits in well with both their garden and lifestyle.  Every one has been different in some way, and although a little more expensive than an 'off the shelf' solution, each is made with passion and care from high quality materials.  Our bin, recycling and firewood stores are made to last. 

Below is a selection of the different custom-made 'green roof' bin tidies and bespoke wheelie bin, dustbin, recycling bin and log stores we have made and installed to date. 

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Teddington, London: Dustbin & Recycling Bin Store

Made to house two traditional dustbins and two recycling boxes, this bin & recycling box storage unit was designed and made for a customer in Teddington.  It was then sent flat-packed for very easy self-assembly, and the customer has added a selection of alpine plants to the green roof: 

Teddington London green roof recycling & dustbin storage unit. Planting area on the roof filled with alpine plants


Monmouthshire: Large Log Storage Unit with Green Roof

This log store was made to specific dimensions for a customer in Monmouthshire.  It looks fantastic filled with firewood and with a living roof full of alpine plants, and they have since bought a second log store for the adjacent wall: 

Bespoke log firewood storage box with living green roof plant area


Swansea:  Bike Shed, Bin & Recycling Bin Stores with Sedum Roof

An installation for our partners at higgihaus, providers of unique (and stunning) Co-Living Homes, Serviced Accommodation and Boutique Hotels.  This large bin store houses multiple wheelie bins and recycling boxes, and sits next to a matching walk-in bike shed.  Please see our Bike Sheds & Shelters page for more information.  The living sedum roof was also installed by us, and sourced from Green Rooftops

Matching bin storage and bike storage units in Swansea. Both have a living green sedum roof, and are made from pressure treated wood for a long life


London: Bespoke Dustbin & Recycling Box Store

A bespoke unit made for Jeremy Bevan Gardens in London.  Their client wanted a storage solution for three dustbins and recycling boxes, with a living sedum roof to add more greenery to their stunning new front garden.  This was stained by JBG to match the rest of the area:

Front garden dustbin and recycling storage in London


Bristol: Wheelie Bin & Log Store, and Bespoke Planters

A triple section bin and log store, the green roof filled with alpines. This houses a wheelie bin, recycling boxes and logs and all shut away from view with doors.  For this customer we also made two large bespoke planters to match their bin & log storage unit, all finishing off the front garden nicely: 

Bluum Custom Bin & Log Storage


Bristol: Recycling Box & Food Waste Storage Unit with Green Roof

This low-level recycling storage unit was commissioned by a family in Bristol, to provide a tidy place to store their recycling boxes and food caddy.  They wanted something unobtrusive, not being much higher than the front wall.  They have since lovingly planted the roof with a selection of alpines.  These will soon spread to fill the green roof area nicely: 

Bespoke storage for recycling boxes and a food caddy in the front garden of this Victorian home (Bristol). Living roof with alpine plants


Somerset: Log / Firewood, Kindling & Wellie Store with Living Roof

A custom-made green roof store, with plenty of room for logs / firewood as well as a separate area for wellies and a shelf for kindling.  This was made to fit around, and give access to, the outdoor socket behind the right-hand section.  Fitted in the front garden of a stunning home in Somerset: 

Bespoke log wellies kindling storage with growing green roof planter


North Somerset: Tall Wheelie Bin, Recycling Bin & Food Waste Shed with Sedum Roof

A tall, triple-width bin storage unit with sedum roof; to tidy away two wheelie bins and three recycling boxes.  At 1.6m high, this unit gives plenty of space to house the wheelie bins, as well as being able to open them fully to deposit their waste.  The extra space also comes in handy for deliveries, giving couriers a dry place to leave parcels out of sight.  

Bluum Custom Large Triple Bin & Recycling Store


Bristol: Multiple Recycling Box & Food Caddy Storage  

This sloped site is the front entryway to a large building in Clifton, Bristol, now divided into flats.  The tenants were struggling to keep numerous recycling boxes tidy, and so wanted a bespoke recycling storage unit.  This now houses up to 9 recycling boxes and 4 food caddies.  The 'growing roof' planter area will also make a pleasing green addition to the front aspect of this beautiful building, when filled with plants: 

Bespoke recycling storage unit


Stroud, Gloucestershire:  Triple Wheelie Bin & Recycling Bin Storge Unit

This large unit neatly tucks away three wheelie bins, plus three shelf areas for recycling boxes and a food caddy.  The green roof planter has been filled with sedum matting: 

Triple wheelie bin and recycling storage unit.  Green roof planter filled with sedum matting


North Somerset: Double Wheelie Bin, Recycling Bin & Food Waste Store with Living Roof

A triple-width, open-fronted bin storage unit; made to accommodate two wheelie bins and recycling containers. This has since been planted with a wonderful selection of alpine plants and decorative aggregates, and has really tidied up the driveway of this home in North Somerset: 

Tidy wheelie bin storage box unit with living green roof planter. Holds wheelie bins, recycling boxes and food waste bin


North Somerset: Green Waste Bin & Compost Storage with Planter Roof  

A simple bin store to tidy away a green waste wheelie bin and bags of compost. Some extra height enables the large garden waste bin to be opened without pulling it out of the store.  Green waste wheelie bins are now standard in many counties, and are bulky items to store in the garden.  The customer has planted a range of succulents:

Bluum Bin Store


Bath: Wheelie Bin & Recycling Bin Storage Unit 

Made to match this customer's existing log store, this 'growing roof' bin store now keeps two wheelie bins and recycling boxes tidily out of sight on the driveway of a lovingly refurbished home in Farmborough, near Bath.  The pressure treated timber will become more of a 'honey' colour soon, and blend in nicely with the fencing.  A shelf in the thinner middle section creates two areas for the recycling boxes: 

Bespoke wheelie bin and recycling storage tidy unit with growing green roof


Midsomer Norton, BANES: Wheelie Bin & Recycling Bin Tidy with Green Roof

A triple width, open fronted bin store. This was made for GreenBird Gardening, as part of a huge garden transformation.  Bluum Stores are made into flat-pack style panels, so this was installed 'on site' in less than 20 minutes: very handy for staying out of the way of the other trades working on site that day.  The green roof is fully lined, ready to house a selection of sedums, other succulents or alpines, herbs or grasses: 

Green roof storage for two wheelie bins and recycling boxes


Bristol: Recycling Bin & Log Store with Planter Roof 

A small bespoke unit to store recycling boxes behind the door, and air out logs / firewood on the right.  This was tailor made to fit into a small space in the front garden of a Victorian terraced house in Bristol.  The customer planned to plant a selection of alpines and succulents in the green roof: 

Bluum Bespoke Recycling & Log Storage


York: Wheelie Bin, Recycling Bin & Food Waste Store 

A standard green roof bin store, for a wheelie bin and recycling boxes.  The extra height here gives enough space for two recycling boxes, a food waste caddy, and  for the wheelie bin to be opened: 

Bluum Wheelie Bin & Recycling Storage


Bristol: Wheelie Bin & Recycling Bin Storage with Succulent Roof 

Green roof bin store, planted with different sedums.  This section of the customer's garden was previously a messy collection of bins and recycling, but now all are nicely tidied away: 

Bluum Recycling and Wheelie Bin Shelter


Bristol: Double Wheelie Bin Store with Green Roof

A bespoke bin storage unit for two wheelie bins, with a door and a fixed panel at the front.  The existing brick wall in this customer's front garden, as well as the limited space available to work with, demanded some very exact dimensions and a few design hurdles to overcome.  This bin store now tidies away the wheelie bins, as well as bringing more green space to the garden with the green roof planter: 

Bluum Bin Store with Green Roof


Exeter, Devon: Log, Wheelie Bin, Recycling Bin & Food Caddy Storage 

In a stunning home near Exeter, this customer wanted to make a useful feature of this old oil tank stand, and asked us to make a very deep log store to sit on top of it, as well as a bin store on either side.  They can now tidy away two wheelie bins, all of their recycling boxes, a food caddy and a huge amount of logs to keep them going all Winter: 

Log, wheelie bin and recycling box storage with green roof living planter


Bristol: Recycling Bin & Food Waste Storage Unit 

A small unit was needed here, in this Bristol courtyard garden, to hide away the recycling boxes and food caddy that were in plain sight from the customer's kitchen window and dining area.  She intends on adding a sedum mat to the green roof planting area: 

Custom made recycling storage unit in a Bristol courtyard garden


Hertfordshire: Triple Width Wheelie Bin & Recycling Box Store 

This customer in a Hertfordshire village requested a custom-made triple width bin storage unit, with a green roof she has now filled with alpines, chives, thyme and alpine strawberries.  This makes for a much nicer view out of the back of her house than the previous pile of wheelie bins and recycling boxes: 

Bespoke storage for two wheelie bins, three recycling boxes and a living roof filled with alpines, strawberries and herbs


Chiswick, West London: Wheelie Bin & Recycling Box Storage

This project in a leafy street in Chiswick, West London, required a green roof bin storage unit to hold a large wheelie bin and three recycling boxes.  Height was an issue here, so we kept it as low as possible whilst utilising as much storage space inside the store as possible: 

Custom made wheelie bin and recycling storage shed in Chiswick, West London


Bristol: Recycling Box Storage for Flats 

This block of flats in Clifton, Bristol had a huge number of recycling boxes littering their entryway, often blowing around in the wind.  We made this recycling storage unit to fit snugly into a nook facing their front door; it'll look even nicer once the plants have been added into the green roof and really tidies their outside space:

Recycling store in Clifton, Bristol. Living green roof planter will be filled with plants.


Stratford upon Avon, West Midlands: Bespoke Log Store with Kindling Shelf

This 'back to front' log storage unit was made for a customer in Stratford upon Avon, to specific dimensions fitting into their existing garden and landscaping.  They also requested a kindling shelf to be added to half of the firewood store.  The 'living roof' planter will be facing a seating area, and can be filled with an array of plants: 

Bespoke log store with kindling shelf


Bristol: Wheelie Bin Store with Felt Roof 

Our first request for a bin store without a green roof!  This was made with a felt roof, and tailored to fit three wheelie bins for a beautiful Victorian property in Bristol: 

Bespoke storage for three wheelie bins, in a Victorian front garden in Bristol. Felt roof


Bristol: Log, Wheelie Bin & Recycling Bin Storage Unit with Green Roof Planter 

A large bespoke unit, made to house logs (in the open section), wheelie bins and recycling boxes (behind the doors), hand made for the front garden of a handsome home in Clifton, Bristol.  The customer planned to stain the unit a dark grey, and add a sedum mat to the living roof planter: 

Wheelie bin, recycling and log storage unit with sedum roof in Bristol