Bluum Stores hand-make each green roof shed & tool storage unit to the customer's specification, to ensure that it meets the required size and style, and fits in well with both their garden and lifestyle.  Every one has been different in some way, and although a little more expensive than an 'off the shelf' solution, each is made with passion and care from high quality materials.  Our sheds, tool storage units and general garden stores are made to last. 

Below is a selection of the different 'green roof' sheds and bespoke garden tool stores we have made and installed to date. 

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Bristol: Tall & Thin Garden Shed with Green Roof 

A tall & thin unit (small shed) made to house garden furniture and tools.  With only 600mm depth to work with, this unit creates a very handy storage space for this contemporary courtyard garden in Bristol.  Made from pressure treated softwood, it is built to withstand the UK's often wet weather: 

Bluum Custom Made Tool Shed


Bristol: Bespoke Garden Shed with Living Roof 

This stunning contemporary courtyard garden in Bristol was left with an unused space, in which the customer asked for a tailor made storage shed, with green roof ready for sedum to be planted.  We stained the shed grey to match the windows, as well as added internal shelving, a 'ramp' for the cat to access the cat flap, and an access hatch to the side, to provide access to a soil pipe inspection cover in the wall:

Contemporary garden shed with living roof planting area and internal shelving


North Somerset: Custom Made Storage Shed with Green Roof 

Custom made to fit into a space, as part of a very impressive contemporary garden design & transformation by GreenBird Gardening, this shed snugly hides away whilst providing a huge amount of storage space inside.  The green roof is visible from the house and decking area, giving a much nicer view than the typical 'shed roof'; it has been filled with purple heucheras and golden grasses.  This storage shed measures 2m tall, 1.7m deep, and 1m wide:

Custom made storage shed in Portishead with living green roof filled with heucheras and grasses


South Gloucestershire: Garden Shed with Green Roof 

Commissioned to replace the customer's previous traditional shed, this large green roof shed stands at 2.35m wide, 1.2m deep and 1.5m high and provides ample storage space: 

Large storage shed in Bristol with green roof planting area


Bristol: Small Garden Shed with Green Roof Planter 

This newly built contemporary home in Bristol BS3 had a decking area in the garden, and the owners needed some smart storage space for garden items and sun loungers.  This small 'green roof' shed provides a place for them to tidy these things away, as well as matching the surrounding materials and creating an extra space on the roof to plant more greenery: 

Custom made garden furniture and tool storage shed with living green roof planter for succulents


Bristol: Combined Shed & Log Storage 

Designed and built as a combined shed and log storage unit, for a customer in Bristol looking to store their children's toys and various garden items as well as a firewood storage area near to the house.  The shed side also has a built in shelf for greater storage.  We stained this, inside and out, with a Protek wood stain & protector, but didn't supply the cat (he just seemed to like sitting in the roof!): 

Shed and log storage unit


Twickenham, Greater London: Bespoke Shed & Garden Storage with Green Roof 

Hand made for a customer in Twickenham, this bespoke shed provides an enormous amount of garden storage space.  The large green roof planting area will later be filled with an array of succulents, to further brighten up their beautiful garden:

Tailor made shed with storage shelving, and green roof planter for succulents


Bristol: Small Garden Storage Shed 

A green roof garden storage shed, made to house gardening equipment and chairs.  This was installed in the garden of a maisonette, within a stunning new housing development in Paintworks, Bristol.  The customer wanted a storage unit to hide away garden chairs, tools and other messy garden items, and the green roof to add as much low-maintenance colour into the garden as possible: 

Bluum Custom Built Small Shed


Oxford: Shed, Tool Storage, Log Store and Bin & Recycling Stores with Green Roof 

Made for a customer in Oxford, this 4 metre long unit comprises a shed for tools and general storage, and a log store and bin / recycling store on either side.  They're delighted to be able to tidy away all of the 'stuff' from the garden into this sleek unit, and excited to plant a range of succulents in the generously sized living green roof planter: 

Garden tool storage shed with bin, recycling and log storage. All with living green roof planter to house succulents


North Somerset: Bespoke Small Garden Shed for Tools 

A bespoke green roof tool shed, made with a deeper planter at the rear, allowing for taller plants to be grown and provide more screening.  We also retro-fitted some bespoke shelving into this garden storage unit, which is used to house an array of garden tools as well as children's toys: 

Bluum Toy Shed