Your Bluum Bike, Scooter, Log, Bin or Recycling Store’s green roof area should be filled according to the following instructions, to ensure healthy and long-living vegetation (not to mention ongoing compliments from your friends, neighbours and passers-by).

The following guide is applicable to our following collections:

Green Roof Store Assembly:

Please note that your Bluum Store must be installed on a flat & level surface, to ensure adequate water drainage from the planter area, as well as the stability of the whole structure. Where the floor surface is not perfectly flat, level the base by placing packing materials underneath: roofing slate or plastic packers/shims work very well for this purpose.

Preparing Your Green Roof for Planting: 

Once your Bluum Store is constructed, plumb and level, the planting area must be filled in the following order.  We also recommend adding a layer (5cm or wider) of smooth decorative stone around the perimeter of the planting area, to further aid with drainage:

Water Retention Mat / Capillary Matting: fit the supplied water retention mat firmly into the base of the green roof area. This helps to retain enough water to keep your substrate and plants moist and looking great.
Substrate (e.g. Compost): please ensure you use adequate substrate for your vegetation; your local garden centre will be able to advise you on the best type to suit your planting choice.
Vegetation: we like planting succulents (including sedum), wild flowers, aromatic herbs or grasses. More info on each is below, but we would recommend consulting your local garden centre to see what best suits your situation and your Bluum Store’s location.

Green Roof Planting Choices:

The best type of plants for your new Bluum Bike, Scooter, Log, Bin or Recycling Store will depend on its location and surrounding environment, the amount of sun or shade it gets, and your personal taste. We would always suggest that you consult a local gardening centre for advice on what will suit you best. The depth of the planting area is around 80mm, so ensure that you choose suitable vegetation that does not require a deep root system.

A type of succulent, sedum ‘living roof’ areas are extremely popular for covering large areas easily, as they require little maintenance and are a hardy plant. They are often available as ready-made mats (very much like rolls of turf), or even in ‘modular sedum trays’ for very quick and easy installation and an instantly lush and green roof solution.

Wild Flowers
Another particularly popular option for green roof planting, wild flowers can add a crazier look and feel to your Bluum Store’s living roof area, bringing biodiversity and an array of colours to your garden.

Wild flowers can either be planted from seeds (the cheapest option), or also purchased as ready-made blankets for an instantly interesting and bright living roof solution.

Aromatic Herbs
Known for their ability to grow in dry and rocky habitats, aromatic herbs make an excellent choice for your living roof, whilst adding fragrance to your garden area and instant supplies for the budding chefs amongst you.

Herbs such as Common Thyme and Greek Oregano act as excellent groundcover plants in full sun areas, and generally grow to between 10 and 30cm in height.

Whilst grasses can be challenging, some act as excellent solutions for green roof projects, requiring little soil and maintenance.

Grasses such as Blue Sedge, Golden Sedge and Mondo Grass are some of our favourites.

Other Succulents
Sedums are a succulent, however generally seem to be sold as a separate green roof solution. Other succulents and alpines can provide a hugely attractive, varied and low-maintenance living roof choice, with many needing little soil to live.

The variety of species is huge, and can be combined (even with grasses too) to provide a beautifully contrasted look to your Bluum Store’s roof.

What Products are Suitable, for a Green Roof? 

A green roof system can work fantastically on a wide range of outdoor structures, including: