Where We Started

The idea for Bluum’s selection of green roof garden stores was started after our founder, Dave Morgan, was embarking upon a new build house project.  The council had stipulated that the property’s front garden must incorporate a bin store (to keep those ugly bins out of sight), and Dave was tasked with sourcing an aesthetically pleasing solution.  It turned out there wasn’t anything suitable, readily available on the market.

Whilst there were a number of wheelie bin stores, recycling bin stores, log stores, garden sheds and garden tool storage solutions for sale, none of them were very pleasing to the eye.  Dave therefore designed and constructed the first store, a triple bin store with a living green roof, back in 2013; this is still going strong and attracts many a comment from neighbours and passers-by.  It even survived the new house being built right next to it, a temporary electricity supply being housed inside of it, and multiple tradespeople using it as a store and charging point for their tools.

Triple wheelie bin and recycling bin store with green roof filled with sedum

Established in 2017

Bluum’s selection of green roof garden stores was then designed, tested and enhanced over the following years and now offers variants to suit all garden setups, as well as custom-built stores available for the trickier or more unusual client briefs.  We opened our doors in 2017 and have produced thousands of garden storage products ever since. 

Green Roof Products

Bluum Stores now produce the following, all with a living green roof / planter area:
  • Log stores (with or without kindling shelf)
  • Wheelie bin storage 
  • Recycling bin / box / bag stores
  • Bike sheds & shelters 
  • Scooter shelters
  • Buggy storage
  • Garden tool stores & small sheds
  • Wildlife products
  • House number signs 
  • Custom made projects

All Bluum Stores are constructed in our UK-based workshop, using high quality timber from a sustainable source.  Each green roof store is held together using top quality exterior fixings, screwed, double-nailed and glued to ensure a long life in unpredictable weather conditions and under day-to-day use.

Dustbin and recycling bin store, with living green roof

Green Roof Collections

Below are links to our most popular product collections, of green roof garden stores: