Bluum Stores hand-make each bike shed to the customer's specification, to ensure that it meets the required size and style, and fits in well with both their garden and lifestyle.  Every one has been different in some way, and although a little more expensive than an 'off the shelf' solution, each is made with passion and care from high quality materials.  Our bike sheds and cycle shelters are made to last. 

Below is a selection of the different 'green roof' bike sheds and shelters we have made and installed to date. 

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Bristol: Bespoke Bike Shelter with Sedum Roof

The front garden of this Victorian terraced home in Bristol, now with a bespoke bicycle shelter.  The customer added a 'wall anchor' to securely chain bikes to, as well as planting the roof with a stunning sedum blanket: 

Bristol bike shelter with sedum blanket in the green roof planting area. Front garden of a Victorian terraced home.


Bath: Bike Shed with Green Roof, and Matching Planter 

Installed into this show home in Bath, for the Holburne Park development, this compact bike shed and matching planter sit beautifully in this contemporary garden.  This was professionally painted in 'Warm Stone': 

Bespoke bike shed with green roof and matching planter for a new build development's show home


Bristol: Compact Bike Shed with Living Roof 

A smaller (1.8m wide, 0.8m deep) bike shed with full security features and a green roof planter, which the customer planned to fill with succulents. Painted inside and out in a chic grey, this sits nicely within the front garden of this newly renovated Victorian terraced house in Bristol.  To deter bike theft, this shed features a combination lock, one-way security screws, and an internal ground anchor to chain bicycles to:

Bluum Bike Shed with Green Roof


Swansea, South Wales: Bike Shed with Matching Wheelie Bin & Recycling Store 

We have partnered with higgihaus, providers of stunning Co-Living, Serviced Accommodation and Boutique Hotels.  This large installation was in their new Swansea development; the walk-in bike shed houses a semi-vertical bike rack for storing five bikes (and accessing each one with ease).  We also installed the sedum roof, sourced from Green Rooftops, as well as making the matching bin storage unit next to it: 

Walk in bike shed with living green sedum roof in  Swansea garden. Matching bin storage unit next to it


Maidenhead, Berkshire: Matching Bike, Wheelie Bin & Recycling Stores with Sedum Roof 

This customer in Maidenhead wanted a Bike Shelter and Bin Store to sit side-by-side in his front garden, so requested matching stores to be made.  The planting area offers around 4 square metres of sedum planting, as well as a fantastically tidy way to house numerous wheelie bins, recycling boxes and bikes:

Combined bike, bin and recycling storage with a green roof planter for sedum


Backwell, North Somerset: Bike & Garden Tool Shed with Green Roof

Slightly taller than most bike sheds at 1.7m, this bike & garden tool store with a sedum roof is 2m wide with room for up to 4 bikes.  It is made from pressure treated softwood, 21mm thick and with 45 x 45mm framework inside; both are around double the thickness of many cheaper 'flat pack' bike sheds on the market.  Extra security features here give the owners extra peace of mind for the bikes and garden tools kept inside: 

Bluum Custom Cycle Shed


Bristol: Bike, Wheelie Bin & Recycling Box Shelter 

A 3.2m wide, 0.8m deep shelter for bikes, a wheelie bin and recycling boxes, installed alongside a full front garden refurbishment by GreenBird Gardening.  This provides around 3 square metres of planting space in the 'green roof', as well as giving a tidy and dry place to store the bicycles and bins.  A ground anchor was also installed, to chain the bikes to, and pleached olive screening planted between the shelter and the front wall: 

Custom made bike and bin shelter in a newly refurbished Victorian front garden. Bristol


Bristol: Custom Made Bike Shelter with Green Roof 

A custom made cycle, wheelie bin and recycling shelter with green roof planter.  2.6m wide, built on a slope and around an existing steel bar.  Due to the ground conditions, this was a tricky project to measure, make and fit on site, but with careful measurements and planning sits very nicely into the oddly shaped space available.  As with all of our green roof projects, the roof section is fully lined and ready to plant; we even provide free capillary matting to sit underneath the substrate and vegetation: 

Custom made bike and bin shelter


Bristol: Side Entry Bike Shed with Green Roof 

A unique project, for a customer with limited front garden space available.  This bike shed was designed with a side access door, to fit into the small front garden of a terraced house in Bristol.  The design allows the customer (and their kids, who took great pleasure testing it out!) to comfortably open the door and store bulky garden items and bikes safely inside.  Made from pressure treated tongue & groove softwood, this will last very well outside and can even be stained a different colour if needed: 

Bike shed with side door and green roof for sedum


Bristol: Cycle Shed with Green Roof 

A 'back to front' cycle shed, so that the green roof can face the front door.  The customers wanted access to their bike shed from the other side, a car parking space, but for the green roof pitch to face the front door so that they could enjoy the view each time they enter their home.  With plenty of space inside for around 4 bikes, this green roof bike store frees up valuable space in this busy family home:

Bluum Custom Built Bike Shed


Bristol: Large Bike & Garden Shed with Green Roof 

An over-sized bike shed, with ample space for 3-4 adult bikes as well as bulky garden items.  This cycle and garden store is 2.35m wide, giving a large garden storage area.  The green roof planter, once filled with plants (sedum would look excellent here), will provide a much more pleasing view to the neighbours than the average bike shed, enhancing the garden's green space whilst tidying away messy items.  This cycle store is sturdily made from thick, pressure treated timber and framework: 

Bluum Bike Shed with Green Roof


Bristol: Bespoke Bike Shelter with Living Roof 

A bike shelter made to fit snugly into this unused space next to a customer's deck. The green roof is in full view from the kitchen window and decking, further enhancing the look of the garden whilst providing an excellent storage area to keep bikes and garden tools protected from the elements.  The customers and their children went out the same day to get a range of succulents to fill the planter roof with: 


Bristol: Custom Made Bike Shelter for Front Garden 

In this awkward, slim space in the front garden of a terraced house in Bristol, this customer was looking for a bespoke bike shelter to provide cover for her son's bikes (and get some space back in her hallway).  The shelter is fitted around the gas meter box, some very uneven walls and difficult angles all round.  The customer will be planting a wildflower blanket in the green roof: 

Bespoke bike shelter, soon to house a wildflower roof


Oxford: Bike Shed with Green Roof 

This bike shed was custom made for a couple in Oxford, to store adult and children's bikes as well as other garden items.  It will really help to tidy their outside space, and once they add the planned sedum and wildflowers to the living roof area, will provide a very pleasing view from both their kitchen and dining room windows:  

Bespoke cycle storage shed with living green roof for sedum and wildflowers


Hertfordshire: Side-Entry Bike Store with Green Roof Planter 

Installed in Hertfordshire, this large side-entry cycle store was requested by a couple looking to safely store two bikes in an unused part of their driveway.  The green roof planter provides around 2 square metres of planting space, in which they plan to add a selection of alpines and succulents.  Further security was added to the store, with a 'ground anchor' to chain bikes to, a hasp & staple lock and 'one-way' security screws: 

Side entry bike shed / cycle storage with living green roof planter


Bristol: Bike, Wheelie Bin & Recycling Store / Shelter 

A need to free up space inside their house brought this young family in Bristol to commission us to make a large bike, bin and recycling shelter.  Standing at around 3.2m long it provides ample room for all, as well as creating around 3 square metres of planting space in the green roof.  A section was left out of the base panel; this is to give access to a pre-installed ground anchor to chain their bikes to.  They plan to add an array of succulents and alpine plants to the roof as well as some storage hooks inside for small garden tools, bike helmets and so on:

Bike, bin and recycling storage shelter with living green roof planting area for succulents and alpine plants  


Bristol: Side Access Bike Shelter with Green Roof 

This Bristol-based couple wanted a good-sized bike shelter with side access, for their compact front garden.  They have installed a ground anchor to secure bikes to, keeping them safe and dry.  The planter roof was faced towards the house, to give a nicer view than the previous outlook towards parked cars and passers by: 

Open bike shed shelter with green roof planting area, for a small garden at the front of this house in Bristol