In our modern, busy lives, it's easier than ever to accumulate a lot of stuff. Many of us rely on cycling to work as our cities get more congested, which means secure bike storage is a necessity. As well as that, we all have several recycling and wheelie bins to store now. 

In this post we look at some ways to maximize space through effective organisation for your bins and bikes.

Bespoke garden storage for bikes, wheelie bins and recycling bins, with a living green roof planter for sedum

Optimise vertical space

In many cases, vertical space is underutlised. Shelving for your bin store can really help make the most of vertical space. Having a green roof on your bin or bike storage also means that you don't lose space for plants and greenery in your outdoor area, a two in one!

Help with organisation

Proper storage for your bins not only looks a lot neater and tidier outside your house, it also makes it really easy to see what goes where when it comes to taking the rubbish out. If you're feeling super organised, you can even add labels to the shelves on your bin store to make sure everyone in your household can easily tell what goes where.

Think secure

A bike shelter with ground anchor can be a more secure option than chaining it up to a fence or railing. It's important to make sure you have somewhere secure to lock your bike to at night.

Hand made bike shelter with a secure ground anchor, living green roof planter for sedum and a dry place to keep bikes stored securely

Make use of the space you have

In urban living, many of us have small gardens if a garden at all. A purpose-built bike store is often easier to squeeze into a space than a shed. An open-backed bike shelter means you can have it up against a wall or a fence, making even better use of precious space whilst saving on materials costs. 

Protect against the elements

We've all had a recycling bin go walkies in the blustery British weather. Having a dedicated bin store helps prevent your bins being taken by a gale and having to hunt for it the next day! Equally, having a shelter for your bikes is important to help prevent rust and keep your bike in good condition.

So with a few easy adjustments and additions, it's easy to get your outdoor space looking neater, more organised and also helping you free up valuable space.