Meet the maker of Bluum: Dave Morgan

Bluum Stores founder Dave Morgan

Founder and creator of Bluum, Dave Morgan, shares his journey to building a business combining sustainability, aesthetics and practicality.

What gave you the idea/inspiration to start Bluum?

I came up with the concept for Bluum’s green roof garden stores when I was working on a new house construction project. The council required a bin store in the front garden to conceal unsightly bins, and I was tasked with finding a visually appealing solution. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything suitable on the market.

Despite the availability of various wheelie bin stores, recycling bin stores, log stores, garden sheds, and garden tool storage options, none of them were aesthetically pleasing. I took matters into my own hands and designed the first store in 2013 - a triple bin store with a living green roof. To my delight, it's still standing strong, garnering compliments from neighbours and passers-by. It even withstood the challenges of a new house being built nearby, temporarily housing an electricity supply, and serving as a storage and charging point for tradespeople's tools.

Wheelie bin and recycling bin box store with green roof planter

What goes in to the making of your products?

In our workshop here in Bristol, I take pride in crafting unique and personalised products for your garden. From the initial design to the final assembly, each piece is crafted by hand, a process that begins with sourcing quality timber from local suppliers.

I am dedicated to creating custom products that cater to your specific needs, collaborating closely with you to ensure the end result is the perfect addition to your garden. The entire production is carried out using specialist tools, with a particular emphasis on precision achieved through renowned power tool brands such as Festool.

Before reaching your doorstep, each item undergoes a thorough pre-assembly in my workshop to guarantee a flawless fit. The products are then carefully dismantled and sent to you in convenient flat-packed panels, designed for straightforward self-assembly. Most items can be put together in less than 30 minutes, thanks to the full-colour instructions that make the process easy and enjoyable.

To ensure the safe and prompt delivery of your bespoke creation, I employ a private courier service. This commitment to quality craftsmanship and personalized service is what sets my workshop apart, and I am delighted to bring your garden vision to life.

Where do you get your passion for creating well-designed and functional products?

My passion for DIY, house renovations, and all things creative has been a driving force behind my work. It's not just a job for me; it's an expression of my genuine love for crafting and creating. Being a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, I pour my heart into every project, ensuring that each item meets the highest standards.

I absolutely love the satisfaction of delivering exceptional service and hearing positive feedback from customers. We've achieved a 100% 5-star rating on Google reviews so far, a testament to the commitment I have to ensuring every customer has an outstanding experience.

Having been on the receiving end of frustrating online purchases that didn't quite live up to expectations, I understand the disappointment all too well. That personal experience fuelled my determination to go above and beyond, exceeding customers' expectations and providing them with products and service that truly stand out.

Bluum green roof garden stores

Tell us a bit about sustainability and where you source your materials?

When it comes to timber, I make it a point to buy from local yards, supporting businesses in my community. The timber I choose is carefully selected from sources accredited by either FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), ensuring that it meets stringent environmental and ethical standards.

A significant portion of the materials we use are actually grown in Scandinavia. The unique climate in that region results in slower timber growth. This leads to denser wood with smaller growth rings. The benefits are twofold – not only is the timber easier to plane and machine, but it also boasts a higher grade compared to other types available in the market.

Scandinavia is abundant with responsibly harvested timber, overseen by the meticulous standards of either the FSC or PEFC schemes. This ensures not only the quality of the timber but also its sustainability. By choosing materials from these sources, I contribute to the responsible and ethical practices that align with my values.

And what about your enthusiasm for wildlife, nature and the great outdoors? How did that become a big part of Bluum's ethos?

I had the privilege of growing up in the countryside, surrounded by a family of avid gardeners.

Now, I find myself living in a tranquil rural area, and I've carried my love for the outdoors into adulthood, embracing the role of a keen walker and gardener.

What's your favourite part about running Bluum? Any highlights?

I'm incredibly proud to share that we've achieved a remarkable record of 100% 5-star Google reviews to date, reflecting the satisfaction and positive experiences of my valued customers. What began as a small venture run from my own garage has evolved into becoming the premier producer of green roof garden storage products.

The recognition doesn't stop there – my products have been featured on Gardeners' World, BBC Breakfast and even found their way into an RHS book and several magazines.

Bluum Triple Wheelie Bin Store shown on BBC Breakfast