This project, designed by Jason Williams (Cloud Gardener UK), was a joy to be part of.  We supplied a Triple Wheelie Bin Store to feature alongside an array of pollenating planting, upcycled items and food growing facilities. 

Bluum triple wheelie bin storage with living green roof planter

The RHS and Manchester Evening News partnered to create this garden designed by Jason, which shows how a community can work together to create a functional joint green space. 

After being shown at RHS Tatton Park 2023, the Ginnel Garden has now been relocated to its permanent home in Moss Side, Manchester.  Jason is mentoring the community for the next 12 months, to ensure the long term success of the garden. 

Our Bluum Triple Wheelie Bin Store was superbly planted by Jason and his team, and was noted by Manchester Urban Gardener (@mcrurbangardener) as a "showstopper".  It highlights how simple objects such as wheelie bin storage can be turned into attractive, biodiverse additions to a garden, ginnel, alleyway or snicket. 

Bluum triple wheelie bin store with living green roof planter

Photo credits: @cloudgardeneruk

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