Cycling is a great way to get around in a more and more congested world, as most of us are trying to be more eco-conscious. It's important therefore to have proper bike storage. Bikes can be bulky and take up a lot of space, especially if you have a family, so having dedicated bike storage can make your life a lot easier, simpler and more organised.

Bike shelter with living green roof planter for sedum and other plants

Protect your bike from the elements

Rain, snow, dust and dirt can all wear your bike down over time. Too much exposure to rain will cause your bike to start to rust, so it's very important to protect your bike from the elements whenever you can. A covered, purpose built bike shelter a for your bike is the best way to protect your bike from damage. Plus, you'll save yourself getting a wet bum when you next take your bike out.

Store bikes in the right place

A floor rack or mount may be more suitable for a bulky or oversized bike than a wall or ceiling mount. Walls in your house may not be ideal for supporting heavy items without specific precautions. Additionally, wall mounting a bike has the potential to inflict damage on both the wall and the bike in the event of a fall. This means outdoor bike storage can often be a lot more practical.

Think secure

If storing bikes in a shared space or outdoors, ensure the storage area is secure. Use locks to prevent theft, and consider installing security measures like cameras or alarms.

Always lock your bike to a fixed and immovable object, such as a bike rack, a sturdy post, or a fixed metal structure. Avoid locking to temporary or weak structures that can be easily compromised.

Many of our customers install ground anchors in to their living roof bike sheds, which is an effective and safe way of securing your bike when keeping it outside.

Ensure regular maintenance

Maintaining your bike is just as important as having somewhere safe to store it. Cleaning it regularly is important to help prevent rust and damage.

Check your tyre pressure regularly, and inflate them to the recommended levels. Inspect your tyres for cuts, bulges, or excessive wear, and replace them if necessary.

If you aren't confident with bikes and what it takes to maintain them, schedule a regular service to keep on top of maintenance. A bike mechanic will also be able to flag any more serious issue with your cycle. Bike servicing is available at most cycle shops.

So whether you cycle for commuting, pleasure or both, there are several measures you can take to keep your bike in tip top condition, ready to roll when you use it next.


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